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Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera Toscana Brunello di Montalcino 1987
9.25 stars
31 July 2021

I’m always a Soldera fan, in all my past tastings, it always revealed itself as a very unique Brunello di Montalcino style, very soft and extremely feminine. The vintage that striked me most was 1986. When I uncorked the bottle using a Durand, the cork was so tight that I without hesitation decanted the whole bottle for an hour. I was expecting the ultra feminine style as 1987 was quite a decent vintage. Well, quite the opposite, it did not have any of the previous vintages of Soldera style that I have tasted, this 1987 was tight and a bit harsh, without much expression of fruits. I thought it must have been an unready vintage, so we continue to wait for hours in the decanter. Unfortunately, when we have the last sip, the content didn’t change much. I have to write-off this vintage as an extremely poor expression of Soldera.


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