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Chateau Angelus Dinner
9.5 stars
11 Feb 2020

Fine Wines SG hosted a dinner featuring Angelus wines at Tung Le Private Dining. Sadly the Public Relations Manager of Angelus Bong Grelat-Tram could not join us due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Nevertheless, we still had great fun! The wines being served last night:

Carillon de Angelus 2014 (2nd wine of Angelus)
Angelus 2014 (decanted for 2 hours)
Angelus 2010 (double decanting for 2 hours)
Angelus 2002
Angelus 1989

Despite being the 2nd wine of Angelus, Carillon de Angelus 2014 was actually very friendly and approachable right now. In fact it’s drinking much better than the Grand Vin 2014 as it’s much more ready. Not that I don’t enjoy the 2014, the tannins and grip is giving me some palate tension, as it’s simply too young for now.

Angelus 2002 was actually quite approachable right now. Despite coming from a weak vintage, it didn’t show any weak signs like greenness, in fact it was rather pleasant and easy to drink.

My wine of the night was obviously Angelus 2010. This was really head turner, jammed pack with superb fruits and hugely concentrated, not only the flavor was dense and rich, it was also very sexy, elegant and feminine.

As for Angelus 1989, I have multiple notes on it and my view didn’t change:

Château Angelus Grand Cru 1989

Château Angelus Premier Grand Cru Classé 1989

Overall, I find Angelus a really sexy wine, perhaps the most sexy in the whole of Bordeaux region. In addition, she has great finesse and killer softness that I can simply sum her character up with an old fashion song “Killing me softly.”


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