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  Bok's Rating:

Médoc · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES – Cabernet Sauvignon,Cabernet FrancMalbec,MerlotPetit Verdot

“This is a highly potential wine. From the first nose it already showed an interesting character; concentrated tea leaves mingling with big fruits. The wine does not overpower on the palette, a very balanced wine. It does not shout, nor is the wine shy, it slowly reveals itself. The fruits are very subdued, it’ll take another 2 decades for this wine to mature, as the searing tannins are everywhere within the wine. I’d award it 5 stars down the road without a doubt as right now it’s not ready to drink.”

Bordeaux – Red
Item Description Size Stock Price Tasting Note
Vintage 2000
2000 Chateau Calon Segur 750ml


$ 300

Bok Rating: 9/10
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