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Chateau Calon Segur, St Estephe 3rd Growth, 1986
9.25 stars
27 Jul 2021

I bought a dozen of this wine with rundown or remnants of label. For wines, I stress a lot on provenance over appearance, disintegrated labels have never affected my purchasing decision, simply because it has nothing to do with the content. Of course if you’re buying as a gift, it matters a lot. I’m a drinker, not a label drinker, thus my priority is the content. 1986 is a very interesting Bordeaux vintage. I once remembered a wine critic claiming Chernobyl nuclear disaster affecting the outcome of the Bordeaux vintage. Frankly, after 35 years, if that’s true, then we shall have more nuclear disaster! For almost all 86 Bordeaux I have tasted, they are extremely young, definitely did not taste like a 35 year old wine. Calon Segur’s bouquet is driven by dark fruits and smoky flavor. Content was stunningly young, with very well integrated tannins, loads of dark berries with great finesse, very creamy as well. I’d love to drink this wine all day. A great outcome for a perfect content with imperfect label.

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