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Chateau Chauvin St Emilion Grand Cru 2000
9.0 stars
12 May 2022

Owner of Lynch Bages, Sylvie Cazes, bought over the vineyard in 2014, with strategic location located near Cheval Blanc and hired oenologist Michel Rolland, this vineyard is gaining fame armed with so many expertise on board. This bottle produced in 2000 will exemplify the terroir expression of the wine and lead you to see what the potential of the terroir can reveal. The label of the wine is almost a clone of Cheval Blanc if one doesn’t examine closely. I decanted the wine for two hours, initially, acidity is elevated and harmony did not come to balance. But with proper airing, the content changed dramatically. Bouquet of thick matured fruits with slight barnyard and leather funk. Body is one of the densest and full-bodied wine I’ve ever come across from right bank appellation, which is quite surprising to me, as the primary grape is Merlot based, with minority of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, I must confess it’s quite a deviation of taste compared to neighbouring St Emilion wines. Nevertheless, the exhibition of dense graphite and subtle spicy oak is worthwhile of giving this wine a shot, it’ll certainly surprise you a Merlot based wines can be so dense and expressive.

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