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Chateau Cheval Blanc St Emilion 1990
9.75 stars
21 Aug 2021

Served from a magnum bottle, we did not have the time to decant it, so we just drank the whole bottle throughout a 3 hour dinner. One of the best bouquets that I have come across after drinking thousands of bottles of Bordeaux, slightly smoky, green pepper, oak and spice. Content also one of the best 1990 Bordeaux I have tasted, I have tasted this label and vintage before, not as great as tonight’s bottle, I suspect the magnum format really makes this Cheval Blanc shines; so elegant, feminine and full of finesse. I have done many Bordeaux 1990 horizontal tasting before, and my go-to wine that consistently top the chart is Grand Puy Lacoste (beating Lafite in the line up). But I must confess if this Cheval Blanc is in the line up, it will outperform the Grand Puy Lacoste. I’m very certain it’ll age gracefully for the next couple decades, thus just buy and keep if you ever come across a bottle.

Bordeaux – Red
Item Description Size Stock Price Tasting Note
Vintage 1990
1990 Cheval Blanc 750ml


$ 2,100

Bok Rating: 9.75/10
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