In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Chateau Closiot, Bordeaux Blanc, 2018
9.25 stars
10 Feb 2020

I have fallen out of love with Bordeaux Blanc for a while after the preference of white burgundies with more colorful characters, so I approached this bottle with pessimism thinking I wouldn’t enjoy it. But I was dead wrong, it was a rather colorful Bordeaux Blanc to boot! It was really a pleasant and easy wine with relatively moderate complexity, the beauty of it was the unusually high acidity as most Bordeaux Blanc were usually very dull due to poor acidity in the wine. Doing a bit of homework, I realized Jean-Marie Guffens-Heynen (owner of famed Verget in burgundy) owned the vineyard, he’s a very talented winemaker in white burgundy, thus I suspect he brought the white burgundy skills to Bordeaux to elevate the acidity of the wine to be on par with white burgundies. Kudos to the shifting winemaking technics for Bordeaux Blanc!


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