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Chateau d’Angludet Margaux Cru Bourgeois 1988
9.25 stars
18 Jan 2022

Just last month I had the 1990 vintage of this label, and I was only mildly impressed as I normally have high expectations for a great vintage like 1990. Last night’s content completely thrashed the 1990 that I recently tasted. Coming from a far more inferior vintage of 1988 compared to 1990, I would not expect the wine to perform, but d’Angludet 1988 gave me the biggest surprise of drinking a Cru Bourgeois, that not only it’s ready to drink, it’s drinking extremely well! The standard was almost on par with a classified growth, easily went hand in hand with a third classified growth like Malescot St Exupery 1988. I really enjoyed the matured fruits, as well as a very balanced vanilla/oak involvement during the winemaking process, the result was a very smooth, feminine and deep flavoured wine. Lastly, I may have to stress that the 1990 bottle may have been off (as the next day turning Eucalyptus was not a good sign), and this 1988 bottle was stored pristinely, thus the outcome was completely unexpected. In any case, it’s difficult to gauge an aged bottle of wine by just one bottle, I’ll continue to pay attention to d’Angludet in the future and formulate a firmer opinion whether this Cru Bourgeois was a worthy Bordeaux player.

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