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Chateau Dauzac 5th Growth Margaux 1983
9.25 stars
2 Jul 2021

I must confess I do not have detailed tasting notes on this wine, bear with me on the storyline. Last night I hosted a few friends on a horizontal blind tasting of Bordeaux 1990, needless they were all showing stunning characters. Then we opened a bottle of Ch Dauzac, 5th growth, 1983 and it took the limelight as it’s definitely more ready to drink compared to all the 1990 wines that we just had. I brought in Dauzac 1983 primarily because 1983 was a superb vintage for Margaux appellation, and I was spot on, it drank flawlessly. My friends were still thirsty, so I opened this Kirwan 1975 bottle, it was like a perk up wine, suddenly it blew the whole table of 1990 and even the 1983 wines off the table. Obviously with very rich and matured characters, it took my heart to easily become the wine of the night. As I was a bit lazy to take notes after too much alchohol, thus I have no detailed notes, but just rest your faith with me, Kirwan 1975 is top grade wine.


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