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Chateau d’Issan 3rd Growth Margaux 1962
9.25 stars
26 Feb 2021

I always enjoyed the 1962 vintage, as it was over-shadowed by the famed 1961 vintage. d’Issan 1962 did not disappoint, and was well within my expectation. Drinking right next to the Mouton Rothschild 1973, it wasn’t shy nor inferior. Bouquet was of typical dry cupboard (but not TCA taint, as it’s one of the characteristics of aged Bordeaux), mingled with very ripe red fruit. Palate revealed this wine was structurally sound, with solid foundation. It tasted with good flavor and good depth. In fact, it tasted even younger than Mouton Rothschild 1973 despite being 11 years older, and the color was much deeper than Mouton Rothschild 1973 as well.


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