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Chateau Ferriere Margaux 3rd Growth 1990
9.25 stars
23 Apr 2021

This is definitely under the radar Bordeaux property, being classified as 3rd growth, the status should be equivalent to the famed Chateau Palmer, but it really hardly get noticed by serious wine connoisseur. For my almost 30 years of drinking history, this was perhaps the first time I’ve ever had a taste of this wine! I picked a great vintage of 1990 to taste, as the reason is obvious, if they fail to do a great job in a great vintage like 1990, then you can certainly write them off for any future purchase plans. Fortunately, it did not disappoint. I decanted it for almost 2 hours (I will recommend 3 hours). Bouquet of strong oak mingled with ripe fruits, quite a common bouquet for Bordeaux wines. A sip and I’d say prim and proper Bordeaux, rightfully fit the great vintage of 1990, may not be able to compare to some of my favorites like La Lagune, Lagrange (both 3rd growth property), nor even Gloria (Cru Bourgeois), however, it still give very good pleasure with very ripe, cheerful and forward fruits, just slightly elevated acidity to cause a bit of unbalance, but it was masked by the ripe fruits. Highly recommended for the price.


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