In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Chateau Gazin Pomerol 1998
8.5 stars
16 May 2020

Served blind. Nose was very Cabernet Sauvignon dominated. Body was extremely weak with loads of greenness, and there was an unpleasant woodiness found in the body. I swear by it that it has to be a left bank Bordeaux wine based upon these above mentioned characters, and from a weak vintage like 2013. Obviously I was very upset to learn that this was a Pomerol right bank wine coming from an extremely good vintage! I stood by my drinking analysis, I guess Gazin must have used some poor Cabernet Franc grapes producing those green and unripe character, rather than using ripe Merlot to make the wine. Obviously I disliked this wine very much as I really respected 1998 as a great Pomerol vintage!


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