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  Bok's Rating:

Chateau Laroze St Emilion 2000
9.25 stars
13 Apr 2020

Recently, I reviewed Monbousquet 2000 so as to have a glimpse of how St Emilion 2000 was doing. Monbousquet is definitely on a different league compared to Laroze, the former was a head taller than Laroze, and given the fact that the price reflected that as well. However, Laroze wasn’t an inferior wine, it’s still a well made wine for a great vintage like 2000. It may not have the softness and finesse of Monbousquet, however, it made it up with great fruits, a great balance of liveliness and fruitiness, gave this wine a very friendly and approachable character. The most impressive Laroze I’ve ever had was the 1998, so this 2000 was just a step down compared to 1998, but it’s still good value for money from a great vintage.


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