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Chateau Lascombes 2nd Growth Margaux 2016
9.25 stars
31 Oct 2022

Lascombes, being a second growth based upon 1855 classification, has not been living up with its status for many years. To be very frank, I never had a very memorable vintage of Lascombes since my extensive exposure to Bordeaux wines, thus I did not have high hopes for this 2016 vintage, despite coming from a very good Bordeaux vintage. I found something new for this label today, let me slowly unfold my findings. Subconsciously, knowing 2016 being a powerful vintage, I went ahead and decanted the wine for 2 hours. The aroma morphed from pine wood to youthful graphite and ripe and dense dark fruits. Content was closer to Pauillac style rather than Margaux style, with inky iodine character, fleshy and ripe. It’s actually very pleasant and easy to drink, and quite enjoyable. There’s no harsh tannins that I was expecting (which was quite surprising given that it came from a strong 2016 vintage). However, this lack of tannins is a double-edged sword, as obviously the chateau is trying to make wines that’s meant to be enjoyable at young age rather than classic Bordeaux winemakers that prefer to make their wines for aging, which has been the practice in the past. Nowadays, chateau definitely prefer to make wines for early consumption, it makes economical sense for the chateau, so do expect more winemakers taking such an approach in the near future.

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