In 2021, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Chateau Latour 1st Growth Pauillac 1955
9.5 stars
20 Mar 2021

In my drinking history, I can probably remembered drinking at least 5 bottles of this gem. The outcome of various bottles were from perfect to not ready. You kidding me Bok, not ready? Yes, there was a bottle I drank about 2 years ago, still big and tannic, even though it’s firmly Latour pedigree. The perfect bottle I had was about 6 years ago, whereby the bottle was fully matured and so hedonistic every wine connoisseur that’s served with a glass still talked about it till now (when I pulled the cork using a Durand, the cork was not firm nor tight, it was soft and loose, thus there must be some micro-oxygenated evolution going on in the bottle). Tonight’s bottle was in between the two extreme, prim and properly behaving itself, bouquet of forest floor and slight vanilla oak which is so typical of Latour. Content is lively with relatively deep flavor, a very enjoyable wine. As such, one must have moderated expectation of an aged bottle as it really grow up with different stages. Not just storage nor provenance issue, wine is a living substance!

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