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Margaux · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES – Cabernet SauvignonCabernet FrancMerlotPetit Verdot

DESCRIPTION – It had a hint of everything – iron, spice, cedar, cinnamon, musk and purple fruits and flowers. Its aromas were so long in an elegant way, but its palate was rich and expansive.

“This is a really powerful vintage of Margaux. Just one sip I can feel the overwhelming tannins in the wine, it was so much it doesn’t go away even after more than an hour of decanting. I suspect this is going to take another 30-50 years before it reaches it’s peak, while the fruits slowly morph itself to be more matured. Kudos to the effort of the wine maker – Paul Pontellier, whom I count as friend.”

Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
Vintage 1986
1986 Margaux750ml


$ 1,000

Bok Rating: 10/10
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