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Normally we don’t like smokers, and cigarettes and cigar smoke are intolerable to many including myself, but I can smell this Mouton 95 smoke all day and all night without being bothered by it. The smoke was healthy, elegant, and with great finesse, which was similar to the wine body itself. Superb complexity and great finesse with the palate, it may not be immediately noticeable to beginners, but I can taste the potential. In 10 years time this vintage is going to taste great. Potentially 5*”

Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
Vintage 1995
1995 Mouton Rothschild750ml


$ 950

Bok Rating: 9/10
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1995 Mouton Rothschild – 1500ml1500ml


$ 2,050

Bok Rating: 9/10
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