In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Chateau Palmer Blanc 2016
9.0 stars
16 May 2020

Served blind. Chateau Palmer’s blanc was a very different blend from most Bordeaux wines, consisting of Muscadet, Lozet and Sauvignon Gris. Truly a unique blend. The bouquet threw me to the Sauvignon Blanc territory with the typical grassy character. However, that disappeared completely thereafter and turned smoky and buttery, in fact with a bit of sakura and cherry thereafter. Body was a complte contrast to Sauvignon Blanc, tasted more like Chardonnay, in fact a new world style to me, body was too lean to be Chardonnay, and lacked fruits. I was really wondering around the world what’s this wine, and I gave up as the profile was too challenging. Was obviously shocked to learn that it came from my familiar territory of Bordeaux!


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