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Petrus is a Bordeaux wine estate located in the Pomerol appellation near its eastern border to Saint Emilion.

The meaning of Petrus means rock, literally translation means rock-oil. Petrus is located on the hills of Petrus. The name and location has quite a bit of history since the ancient Roman times, the property was owned by a Roman named Petrus. The logo for the wine found its inspiration from the Greek version of St. Peter, “Petros.”

An impressive history of Petrus!

Like many other Bordeaux estates, Petrus was sold and resold countless times over the past few centuries. From the Voisin family, Pierre Voisin eventually sold Petrus to MM. Brilhouet and Courolle Brilhouet.  In 1770, Petrus was later sold to Antoine Arnaud in 1770. For more than a century, the Arnaud family maintained ownership of the Petrus property, known as Petrus (Arnaud). By the mid to late 1800’s, the wine of Petrus was starting to become well-known. It was considered the third best wine in Pomerol, after wines such as Vieux Chateau Certan and Trotanoy.  etrus was later sold to Antoine Arnaud in 1770. In 1800, after the phylloxera attack affected the vineyards of Petrus, black grapes Merlot were replanted , and the results of the vines were of stunning quality.

In 1887, Petrus and Gazin grew better in relationship, when Gazin purchased vines from Petrus. By 19th century, Petrus improved its wine and fame. In 1917, M. Sabin-Douarre, who was employed as the former manager of Petrus purchased the Pomerol property. It was Sabin-Douarre who created the Société Civile du Château Pétrus, and from here, history changed for Petrus forever!

Sabin-Douarre loved dining at the best restaurant located in the city of Libourne, l’Hotel Loubat. In 1923, Madame Loubat, the owner of the hotel began purchasing shares of Petrus. By 1929, she purchased Petrus, becoming the sole owner.  In 1961, after Madame Loubat’s passing, having no children, she passed the property to her nephew, M. Lignac, and her niece, Mme Lily Lacoste each inherited 50% of Petrus. Petrus changed ownership a few times, today Petrus is managed by  Christian Moueix.

Petrus started becoming famous when its name was starting to be mentioned outside Singapore!

Robert Parker started noticing Petrus in London, Belgium and America, this is when Petrus began to score high ratings and wines of Pomerol got into the spotlight. Today Petrus vineyard is planted with 100% Merlot.  Petrus has 12 parcels of vineyard, located at top of highest elevation, on Pomerol plateau, with excess to natural drainage.

Petrus with long history matches its soils of 40 million years old. Two layers of clay at Petrus, topsoil of dark blue  60 to 80 centimeters thick and hard, and smectite clay. Clay absorbs water like a sponge and the water molecules penetrate the interlayers, feeding moisture to the vines. The blue clay of Petrus creates grapes with the highest level of tannins in Pomerol, the secret to Petrus! The average production of Petrus is 2,500 cases per year.

The style of Petrus is unique.

It can be the most aromatically complex wine of Pomerol, filled with spice, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate, plums, dark cherries, truffles, wet earth and fresh flowers. In the best vintages, the texture is other worldly. It has a richness and viscosity, as well as silk and velvet feel that no other Bordeaux wine can offer. Petrus requires time to develop. Even though it’s produced from 100% Merlot, Petrus is one of the longest lived Bordeaux wines. The best vintages of Petrus require 20-30 years before maturing, displaying true essence of the wine, costing thousands of dollars for a single bottle of Petrus.

At Fine Wines Singapore, we have a selection of vintage wines under Petrus.

The 1982 Petrus fetches around $8,000 plus Singapore dollars  and it earned our rating of 10/10.

With Petrus 1994 vintage, that is close to $4,000 Singapore dollars!

Petrus wines fetch high prices as it has made its landmark, as one of the best, renowned wines of the world.

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1953 Petrus

Awesome. Deep, dark, just matured drinking Pomerol.

1982 Petrus

Superb. Managed to live in the glass instead of fading into old Czech.

1952 Petrus

100% Merlot, best known Pomerol wine.

Full of life, with prunes, herb and mint.  Elegant, candied aromas, with caramelized dried fruits.

Bitter cocoa, with soft refined tannins, awesome long finish!

1955 Petrus

100% Merlot, best known Pomerol wine.

Wonderful 1955 vintage, with black berries, fresh mushrooms, white truffles and cocoa. Layers of complexity, full of expressions.

Silky mouthfeel with fine tannins. Long and persistent.

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