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Chateau Siran Margaux Cru Bourgeois 1986
9.25 stars
10 Sep 2022

This is a very shocking experience! I hardly tasted many vintages of Siran in the past, except for the very impressive 1961 vintage that even Master of Wine thought it was first growth quality (Ref: The Usual Suspect of Four First Growth and a non First Growth – Fine Wines SG). I would dare to boldly claim this 1986 vintage also possessed the same quality of top classified growth. When I first poured it into a decanter, the bouquet wasn’t impressive, sharp acidity and faint woody nose. However, an hour in the decanter changed all characters and turned out to be stunning bouquet of ripe fruits, strong floral and very aromatic. 1986 Bordeaux vintage has consistently displayed the very youthful character, and this was no exception. It tasted so young that experienced drinker could easily thought this could be coming from the ‘90s or even younger. It possessed all the Margaux characteristics of young and sexy, feminine and stylish, definitely a wine that should really be benchmarked against any top classified growth like Chateau Palmer or Chateau Margaux, I boldly claim the quality was perhaps better than most second growth Margaux wines like Lascombes, Rauzan Segla, Durfort Vivens. Feel free to do a blind tasting to verify my claim, I’d be very interested to find out the outcome!

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