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Iconic Indulgence!

I promise it’s going to be fun!

Without a doubt, Cheval Blanc is a true iconic indulgence! Cheval Blanc is translated into white horse, has a long colorful history in St Emilion that is tracked all the way back to 1832! This wine is no easy feat or so you think it’s just any other Bordeaux wine in the line up; you are wrong. I read in a business report that in 2009 and again in 2010, at an auction held by Christie’s; a scarce, Cheval Blanc 1947 legendary 6L bottle is sold for a record setting price of $304,375 dollars!That record shows how impressively valuable Cheval Blanc is if you haven’t discovered how outstanding this wine is!

Indeed Legendary Cheval Blanc 1947 (tasting note)

Fortunately I need not have to pay $304,375 to drink this

Totally Mind Blowing Because it’s Cheval Blanc!

I had a chance to drink the whole bottle with a good friend of mine because I lost a bet against his offering of Mouton Rothschild 1945 last year.Cork came out pristine, bottle condition was perfect! After 68 years old, I have least expectations. But it turned out to be my WINE OF THE YEAR in 2015. Totally mind blowing, fragrance occupied the table. The body was so alive, fresh and elegant. It tasted like a Cheval 70, still way too young! Drank it over 3 hours, no sign of fading. The Armand Rousseau Clos de Beze 99 next to it pales in comparison! So I said Cheval Blanc never fails! The excellency carries on vintage after vintage!

The Top Rated Wine

Not Just in my Record But By Bordeaux Standard
Grand Cru Classe “A”

Cheval Blanc obtained the highest possible distinction in the first classification of Saint-Emilion wines in 1954: Premier Grand Cru Classé “A”! This glorious rank was confirmed in every following classification in each subsequent decade. Cheval Blanc became a member of the exclusive “Club of 9” comprising the first growths of Bordeaux!

It’s easy to see why Cheval Blanc consistently up perform and ‘kidnap’ my heart time and again. Cheval Blanc has this complexity, aromatic perfume paired with textures that is so soft and polished as silk that not many bordeaux wines can beat that. Due to its terroir and strategic location that spans over the border of Pomerol and St Emilion, Cheval Blanc truly combines the best of both worlds!

Incredibly Rich! Yet Never Heavy!

Such Complexity only Cheval Blanc can Achieve!

Take a sip of Cheval Blanc at anytime and you will be amazed by the sexy, richness of Pomerol coupled with flamboyance of St Emilion. This wine can be enjoyed young yet with good storage, they can offer supreme drinking pleasure! It remains as one of the longest lived Bordeaux wines being produced!

You will see I have an impressive older range of Cheval  Blanc. If you need help, my top rated recommendations are the best to start off! Plus My Tasting Note I have pasted conveniently here for you so you know what you are buying, remember what I believe in – I drank, I test and You Buy!

My all time favorite is Cheval Blanc 1985!

Of course there are more, revealing some of my top rated drinks!

Cheval Blanc 1955

Only First Growth can Maintain this High Level!

“A definitive Cheval Blanc style, like the 64 & 67. Both the nose and the palette are really unique; loads of thick tea leaves on the nose (more like Pu-Er tea, very concentrated. Palette is really where it shines, elegant, pleasant and in fact creamy in a unique way that words can’t describe. I must say wines of 61 years old and still alive and kicking, full of tertiary flavor is not easy to come by, and only first growth can maintain such high standards.” 5/5 stars

Cheval Blanc 1970

Plentiful Softness and Luscious Sweet Fruits with Structure and Delineation

“Dark plum color,medium body, this wine evolved gorgeously in the decanter after the first hour. Licorice, chocolate, red and black currant, merge in lovely layers. This is at the most beautiful drinking window for a 46 year old Cheval Blanc. I was blown away by the elegant, almost floral nose, and I fell off my chair after having the first sip of this matured beauty. As predictable, it was a Bordeaux Classic, but it really had the pedigree of a great first growth right bank St Emilion… king of Cabernet Franc!5/5 stars


Cheval Blanc 1975

Please tell me how not to love this wine?

The nose itself will already win over any ladies heart, wholeheartedly; fragrance like flowers in a fresh botanic garden. The palette is stunning as well, layered, complex, sophisticated, and most importantly it held itself in the glass steadily throughout dinner without fading.” 5/5 stars


Cheval Blanc 1985

I can drink this forever!
My All Time Favorite 1985 wine,
consistently good and performs above par!

“This is one of the Best 85s and the Best Cheval besides 53 & 64. While this wine is served in a dinner, it simply hypnotized all diners. The nose is nothing less than captivating with touches of wild strawberry, espresso, and mint that is just so seamless.I was so turned on: extremely fabulous wine, even though I used the word “fat”, it’s not so plummy yet a rich with abundance of lush and pure fruits, powerful yet elegant.Carry itself so well! What a beautiful wine!” 5/5 stars


Best Vintages of Cheval Blanc are Available Right Here!

Brilliantly balanced with natural sense of beauty that’s so seductive!

I only source for wines that deserves your attention, check out my tasting note below.Unbiased and truthful rating score…so you know what you are paying!

I drank, I test and You Buy! My motto always!

VintageBest of Cheval Blanc!Tasting Note!QuantityBEST Price!
1933Cheval BlancAsk Bok!
$ 2,800
1941Cheval BlancAsk Bok!
$ 1,550
1953Cheval BlancAsk Bok!
$ 1,800
1955Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!Tasting Note
$ 1,500
1964Cheval BlancTasting Note
$ 1,450
1966Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!(a bit stained and torn label)Tasting Note
$ 1,100
1967Cheval Blanc (torn label)Tasting Note
$ 650
1970Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!Tasting Note
$ 800
1975Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!Tasting Note
$ 780
1978Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!Tasting Note
$ 610
1981Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!Tasting Note
$ 650
1982Cheval BlancAsk Bok!
$ 1,360
1985Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!Tasting Note
$ 850
1990Cheval BlancAsk Bok!
$ 1,500
1998Cheval Blanc TOP RATED!Tasting Note
$ 950

1 min with Cheval Blanc ‘s Director Pierre Lurton

The director of two of Bordeaux’s great estates, Cheval Blanc and Yquem explains why he would like five premier cru classés A in Saint Emilion – it’s all about sausages.

Question: ” Cheval Blanc was only one of two estates that were classified as “A” estates in Saint Emilion until 2012. Pavie and Angelus were then added to the exclusive group bringing the total to four. Does it bother you that there are now four “A-level” producers?”

Answer: “It does not bother me that there are four now. I told a French journalist who asked me the same question the other day that I regret that we are not five, because then we could be an “Andouille Club” [referring to the high grade 5-A for the popular French sausage].”

Try a Bottle of Cheval Blanc Now!

I promise it’s going to be fun!

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