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Ciacci Piccolomini Vigna di Pianrosso Brunello di Montalcino 1990
9.5 stars
13 Aug 2020

The legendary Soldera’s winemaking consultant Guilio Gambelli created a totally different expression of Sangiovese grapes during the 70s, thus Soldera is the definitive representative of Sangiovese grape varietal. I recently had a couple of different vintages of Soldera, and I was totally head over heels over it’s soft and feminine character that many drinkers mistaken it as a burgundy style, and the unique expression of Sangiovese grape was totally revealed in Soldera. As such, the revolution extended throughout the whole Montalcino, many winemakers tried to clone Gambelli’s style, and Ciacci Piccolomini was one of the earliest followers of Gambelli. I decanted it for an hour, thinking airing for a 30 years old wine should suffice, I was so wrong! The wine keeps improving in the decanter, showing a lot of softness and mellow character. I drank the whole bottle over a span of 2.5 hours, my last glass was fantastic, without a doubt getting a trace of Soldera’s soft and feminine character, although I must confess it’s still nowhere near Soldera’s quality.


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