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Clavelier Morey Saint Denis 2018
9.25 stars
15 Mar 2021

This was a big surprise to me as I was just expecting yet another red burgundy. Turned out to be really hedonistic wine! I suspect it’s probably the vintage in play, as the heat for 2018 was searing, resulting in the atypical ripeness and plushness. I decanted the wine for 2 hours before taking a sniff; powerful ripe cherries took me a step back, and I say it’s going to be a strong and powerful wine. But most of the time, there’s no correlation of bouquet and body. I was truly impressed with the first sip, the softness of the wine was very impressive, along with the very feminine character, makes this bottle in exceptional balance. The tannins are hardly detectable, and only surfaces on my final pour, and it wasn’t harsh tannins, in fact, very soft and forgiving. I’d highly recommend you to buy a bottle to try this fantastic label, which is quickly becoming very respectable.

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