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Comtes Lafon Clos de la Barre Meursault 2007
9.25 stars
30 May 2022

One of the larger plot in Meursault at 2.12 ha, and thus the price is relatively reasonable. This plot is located right behind Comtes Lafon’s family main living quarters, thus you can be assured they tender the vines carefully! It may not be a flagship bottle of Comtes Lafon, though it drinks spectacularly well. Coming from a great vintage, I was stunned by the quality, quintessential of Comtes Lafon quality. Bouquet of slight buttery toast, but mainly subdued and shy. Content is very steady, it doesn’t create big nor loud appeal, just let the wines speak for itself; very calm, cool and submissive. Supreme balance with mainly white fruits with a touch of lemon taste, at later stage, the wine also oozed out a touch of mango notes. Really cannot go wrong with Comtes Lafon, stunning!

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