In 2021, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Cos d’Estournel St Estephe 1979
8.75 stars
5 Feb 2021

I was facing some trouble deciphering this wine tonight, as it did not possess any Cos d’Estournel typical character of creamy latte, mocha and thick tea leaves. Admittedly, 1979 was a relatively poor vintage for Bordeaux, I’ve never had anything impressive except for Cheval Blanc. This Cos d’Estournel tasted with slightly thin and diluted fruits, a reflection of poor vintage. Another irritation was the unresolved tannins. Bok, are you nuts? After 42 years the tannins still not resolved?! Well, sorry if you don’t like facts, but palate don’t lie. The irritating grips were all over the place, of which the diluted fruits made the tannins more prominent.


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