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  Bok's Rating:

Dassai 39 versus Dassai 39 Enshinbunri
9.25 stars
15 Feb 2021

Enshinbunri means the sake extracted using centrifuge technique rather than traditional hydraulic press. The gentle centrifugal force causes no pressing like in the past; thus, the sake gets less stress than the usual pressing procedure. Does it make a difference? Bok puts two bottles side by side to taste using his favorite sake stemware – Grassl Mineralite. Let me describe Dassai 39 in general; bouquet of light fragrant rice. Content was a tad too sweet to my liking, furthermore, the sweetness was right in the face. The Enshinbunri bouquet was much more muted, body at first sip was much cleaner and the sweetness was much less in the face. However, the true color of the Enshinbunri revealed itself on the mid to back palate whereby the sweetness was almost on par with the Dassai 39. The entry for Enshinbunri was a tad “misleading” due to more finesse and less sweet, but don’t let the superficial taste confuse your palate, as they’re of almost similar quality. Of course I will still recommend Enshinbunri version for it’s not-so right in the face sweetness.

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