In 2018, Tasting Notes
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1990 would be my personal favorite vintage, and usually not the top growth being great (perhaps not quite ready yet). d’Issan’s greatest vintages all came from great years: 61, 82 & 90. It was initially quite acidic but with proper decanting, the content slowly morphed into very matured yet elegant body, I’d like to describe it as glowing.

1990 是个伟大的年份, 比起82年更好,因为我喝过的90年份都不是顶级酒庄酿的酒,而是五级庄园。迪仙酒庄最好的年份都是波尔多好的年份:61,82,90。刚开始喝的时候酸度比较高,但是经过醒酒后,这内容就慢慢改变了,好像发光一样,酸度不见了,换来成熟也稳重大气的风格,有大将风范,非常值得推荐。


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