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Dom Perignon Champagne 2010
9.5 stars
3 Nov 2021

Our office opened a bottle of Dom Perignon to taste, as we were trying to decide to purchase a large quantity of this vintage, to ensure we don’t buy garbage wines, we do our due diligence. We also popped a bottle of Andre Clouet Dream Vintage 2009 for comparison sake, to have a benchmark. Fair enough, Andre Clouet was two levels down (9.0 points) compared to Dom Perignon. No wine merchant wanted to shoot themselves in the feet, but we try to be objective, a Nissan simply cannot compete with the luxury of Mercedes, that’s a fact. Dom Perignon’s bouquet was very slightly yeasty, slightly steely and mineral, and when warmed up, turned a bit smoky as well. Palate wise, there’s a touch of lemon skin mingled with lemon juice; content was mildly soft, I feel more stiff and steely body instead. The champagne was focused with very good structure, slightly bitter on the finishing. It has this tremendous lasting power that I suspect this vintage can age for long haul (I estimated best consumption will probably be 2050).

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