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Hermitage · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES –Shiraz/Syrah · Marsanne


This wine shocked my palette when it was served blind, as I have drank so many good wines in my life, but this one is probably going to rewrite history! The nose was nothing unique, just woody. But the palette, my oh my, extremely beautiful balance, extremely soft with many layers, yet it’s so complex. I have never thought Syrah can produce such good quality wines. Now my world is completely changed! Wine of the Day for me, and thanks to Christian van N for this eye opening bottle!”

Rhone Valley Red
Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
Vintage 1978
1978 Domaine Jean Louis Chave Hermitage, Rhone750ml


$ 3,200

Bok Rating: 10/10
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