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Domaine Kientzler Riesling Alsace 2020
8.75 stars
12 Jul 2022

Without SO2: Rating 9
With SO2: 8.75

I opened two bottles simultaneously, the left bottle did not have any Sulphur Dioxide, whereas the right bottle contains SO2. What’s the purpose of SO2? It’s a preservative for wines, not only it prevents oxidation and browning, it preserves wine. It’s a common practice for most winemakers to add SO2. I had a glass of both wines, it was very obvious the one without SO2’s content was a lot more yellowish (shown in photo) than the one with SO2. Taste wise, as expected, without SO2 is a lot richer in content and being expressive of the Riesling character, whereas the one with SO2, taste was a bit too light and lean. Do note that the wine was produced in 2020, only two short years in the bottle and I find that the bottle without SO2 is stretching its limit and perhaps need to be consumed soon! If you’re allergic to SO2, do give it a try.


Updated: Kientzler Riesling Alsace 2020

Domaine Kientzler Riesling Alsace 2020

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