In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Dominus 2003 Napa Valley
9.5 stars
7 Aug 2020

Served double blind, a whiff and I didn’t feel Bordeaux bouquet, as it was probably using some used oak or French oak. A sip and I liked it, very pleasant, very smooth and very integrated. I later ventured to Spanish wines, but normally Spanish wines are majority using new oak, and high alcohol. This didn’t feel much alcohol, very balanced wine, so I decided this was more new world style, and most likely American, but really could not nail the region nor label. The smooth integration was intriguing, although I didn’t feel that Dominus was a Bordeaux clone (despite almost similar blend of grape varietal of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdoh), it was nevertheless very enticing to drink it, at 17 years old, it didn’t have the unresolved tannins of Bordeaux wines, and that’s a good thing that my palate wasn’t irritated by those unresolved tannins!


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