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DOW Port 1977
9.5 stars
22 Dec 2019

I drank this multiple times, but never had a chance to pen down my review. This time round I have a full evaluation as I even had the leftover bottle stored in the fridge for another 4 days! Surprisingly the bouquet never changed over the 4 days, first pour was dried raisins, my last glass was also dried raisins. However, the content obviously morphed from the initial dried raisins all the way to a full blown fully ripe raisins taste, thus it’s revealing that this wine has a lot of aging potential and right now it’s probably too young to drink it. I think storing it for another 20 years or longer will show it’s full potential. I also prefer Port over whiskies when I have a cigar, as the taste of Port can cleanse the palette quite well, in fact better than a whisky, thus the palette can be refreshed for the next draw of the cigar smoke.

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