In 2021, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

DRC Richebourg Grand Cru 1962
9.0 stars
21 Mar 2021

Buyers beware: buy aged burgundy at your own risk! As you know, Pinot Noir grape varietal is too fragile, my experience of drinking aged red burgundy has been 50/50 (assuming trustworthy provenance), either alive and kicking, or dead on arrival. The cork for this bottle was tight, extracted with a Durand without difficulties. A whiff and I smelled burned rubber, and this is not a typical DRC Richebourg bouquet. However, a sip and the wine were still alive, very light cherries and silky fruity style, not very Richebourg of big and bold style, probably after almost 60 years the Richebourg style cannot be found anymore. I did not detect the rubbery taste initially, but the body seemed to be infected by the bouquet about 30 mins later. While it lasted for the initial few minutes, it was good. Thereafter it was just downhill.


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