In 2018, Tasting Notes
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ODD ONE OUT 不一般的卓龙82

I have drank so many bottles of Ducru Beaucaillou 82, it consistently disappointed me, tonight I finally had a bottle that was really good! Obviously served blind, clinical nose, not a good start. Body was heavily loaded with dry raisins, prune like, a bit of cooked food, herbaceous too, very new world wine style!

我喝过了很多瓶这个82年份的卓龙,而且我喝的来源都是庄园买回来的,从来就没有一瓶令我满意,但是今晚却终于迎来了一瓶不错的卓龙82! 盲品,鼻味就是药房味,不是好的开始。内容非常丰富的葡萄干味,而且带有西梅干,还有好像是煮熟的食物和青涩味,感觉就好像在喝新世界的酒,比如美国纳栢谷的酒一样!

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