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E. Guigal Cote Rotie Cotes Brune et Blonde 1983
9.5 stars
24 Feb 2020

I recalled I drank a bottle of Guigal’s La Mouline 1983 back in 2017 (, it was rated 100 points by Parker and was our group’s wine of the night), thus I did not hesitate to purchase this bottle for the sake of drinking some fabulous wine. The style was very reminiscent of the La Mouline sibling; started off with extremely floral notes, big and bold, slowly tamed down to more Burgundian like over time. I couldn’t really find fault with the content except for very slight elevated acidity, very smooth and pleasant, with loads of light cherries. Content also improved after 1+ hours in the decanter, turned out to be more chunky and masculine, with a lot more ripe cherries than the initial light cherries.


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