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Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2016 
You may have seen this brand while looking at wines in NTUC but wait till you check our price!
NTUC Fair Price: $89
Exclusive Online Promotion: $69!
$9 Chilled Delivery Fee Apply for 1 – 3 bottles
Free Delivery with 4 Bottles or More!
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Supermarket usually doesn’t have these:
NO right temperature control
NO humidity control
NO provenance
In Fine Wines SG, we have the right temperature and humidity control!
Also in Fine Wines SG, you never have to worry about storage as we store all our wines professionally managed temperature controlled cellars. Supermarket does not have temperature control not to mention humidity control. So you can be assured our Le Petit Haut Lafitte is stored at best condition!
Our Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2016 is ex-chateau
meaning our wines fly directly from the chateau, the best you can ever get!
Exceptional Drinking Pleasure
at Irresistible Low Price!
Comes in prooftag to ensure top provenance and extra value added service by the chateau to guarantee no counterfeit, re-filling! Even some top most expensive wines in the world don’t have proof tags sticker so you can see how serious this winemaker is.

Budgeted First Class Wine

Top Fine Wine Below $100!

Drink like Royalty While Staying at Home
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Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2016

Top Value for Money!
Outperforming many Bigger Names!

“Smith Haut Lafitte produced this second wine consistently, outperforming an overwhelming amount of second wines out there, I can only name Carraudes de Lafite, Les Forts de Latour and Pavillon Rouge as a slightly better second wine, but not by a mile. The bouquet immediately fed you with a load of ultra-ripe dark berries, very forward and hedonistic. The body was a big wine by any standard, loads of tannins masked underneath the fruits but if you don’t disturb it, you can hardly feel it. Very fruity, and a very long finishing wrapped up this wine as my #1 choice for wines under S$100.” Tasting note

Guaranteed Big Pleasure To Tide Through this Boredom at Home!
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Exclusive Online Promotion: $69!

$9 Chilled Delivery Fee Apply for 1 – 3 bottles
Free Delivery with 4 Bottles or More!
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