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Fine Wines Discovery Tasting
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3 Apr 2022

It’s ultra-exciting to have such a line up in the tasting, as I wanted to find out how a Bordeaux wine fared against USA and Chinese made wines.

Haut Brion, Pessac-Leognan, 2015
Ao Yun, Shangri-la, China 2015
Shafer Vineyards Merlot Napa Valley 2014
La Consellante, Pomerol, 2014
Chateau La Grangere, Saint Emilion, 2016

Haut Brion and La Conseillante need no introduction, both are the blockbusters of Bordeaux. Technically, Ao Yun can only be considered a hybrid Chinese wine, as the key company behind Ao Yun is LVMH group, and the person-in-charge is Jean-Guillaume Prats, who used to run Cos d’Estournel. La Grangere is an agency wine Fine Wines Pte Ltd represent as the price for a Grand Cru is very decent.

As the wines did not go through any decanting at all, such young wines can be confusing for many drinkers if your palate is not well trained to taste them. Even I had some problems differentiating the top wines on first few sips. I took my time to taste the wines, let the wines open up in the glass, along the way, I realized I changed my answer multiple times as I observed evolution from these young wines. I report my original and final observation and ranking.

Original observation in ranking preference (single blind, I do not know the arrangements):
1. La Conseillante 2014
2. Haut Brion 2015
3. Chateau La Grangere 2016
4. Ao Yun 2015
5. Shafer Vineyards Merlot Napa Valley 2014

Final observation in ranking preference (it’s still blind for me):
1. Haut Brion 2015
2. Ao Yun 2015
3. La Conseillante 2014
4. Chateau La Grangere 2016
5. Shafer Vineyards Merlot Napa Valley 2014

I speak a little on my observation; Initially the Haut Brion did not show up it’s potential at all, but on my last few sips I realized it has turned up it’s finesse and elegance to the max. It deserves to be a top wine of the day. My second preference Ao Yun started off with very poor notes of poor bouquet, totally disastrous vegetal, stalky and stemmy to the max, gave away the Cabernet Sauvignon notes too obviously, however, it jumped from #4 to #2 spots on the last few sips, as I detected the opening up is revolutionary rather than evolutionary, becoming more elegant and softer. La Conseillante dropped from #1 spot to #3, not because it’s performing poorly, it’s just that the top two has evolved so much to overtake La Conseillante. La Grangere’s giveaway was the slightly harsh tannins (for 2016, that’s expected) as well as a bit hollow on the body. Shafer did not catch my attention at all, from start to end, I remained that it’s my most disliked wines in the tasting with the slightly rough content. Your observation and mine could be vastly different, surely we can agree to disagree, after all, wine tasting is personal preference, and there are many technical aspects (like proper decanting, volume of wines tasted) involved.

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