In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Fournier Thierry, Blanc de Blanc, NV
9.25 stars
17 Dec 2019

Blanc de Blanc means the champagne is totally made of 100% chardonnay grape varietal. I was told by the winemaker that the base of the grapes came from 2011, which was a good vintage in champagne, while the chardonnay from clay-limestone soils and 5 years aging in the lees. This grower champagne does it quite well although I hope it can improve further. Bouquet of light yeasty and floral fragrance. Content was with a huge load of mousse, although taste was very pleasant, and an overwhelming amount of air in the content, which quickly dissolved. The way to identify a blanc de blanc in a blind tasting was perhaps the lack of intense fruit flavor like Pinot Meunier based grapes, chardonnay is much lighter and milder in taste.



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