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Francois et Antoine Jobard Meursault Blagny 1er Cru 2016
9.5 stars
5 Oct 2019

Everything you want from a Meursault

Having tasted a lot of Meursault Perrieres (>15 bottles at one go), I do have a deep impression that it’s not easy to find a perfect Meursault wine. Surprisingly, this Blagny produced wine was a lot more exciting than many Meursault Perrieres! Loads of oyster and oyster shell to boot on the bouquet, coupled with hint of honeysuckle floral influences. The acidity was one of the best I’ve come across from Meursault (probably from this superb 2016 vintage),  snappy and grippy, with a load of fruits surfacing behind the acidity, and indeed beautiful fruits that’s in harmony with the acidity. I believe Jobard is a great Meursault winemaker, and this bottle is definitely a good representative of this talented winemaker.


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