In 2018, Tasting Notes
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For Clos de la Roche, there were 3 well known winemakers; Potel, Dujac and Ponsot, I have drank them before and I must admit they produced really great quality CdlR. However I think Georges Lignier is not far behind, perhaps may one day overtake these big 3. Ultra ripe and rich nose. Palate was equally intense and ripe but also feminine and soft.

拉罗什园特级庄有三个非常优秀的酒庄; 澎寿,雅克,还有宝德酒庄。我全部都喝过, 而且知道这三个酒庄都是真材实料。不过还是有后起之秀,比如我今晚喝的丽纳酒庄,可能有一天水准可以超越其他三个酒庄,可谓后起之秀呀!超乎想象的成熟果味充实了鼻香。内容也一样成熟和充实,而且有温柔的一面。

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