In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Giscours Margaux 1989
9.0 stars
11 Nov 2020

After the killer Malescot St Exupery 1989 (Jarene, link it to the above notes), I for sure fell in love with wines coming from Margaux appellation from the 1989 vintage. Naively thinking all wines produced the same quality, and Giscours as a third growth had the same 1855 classification ranking as Malescot St Exupery, so the outcome should be somehow close. Unfortunately, it was a world apart; Bouquet was with powerful ripe fruits, and one can sense that it came from a hot vintage (1989 was one of the hottest vintage in recent memory of Bordeaux). Palate was not expressive at all, fruits tasted relatively thin, no expression of fruit flavor, and lacked definitive excitement. In memory, I never had a truly impressive Giscours before, and sadly their cheat of adding milk to their wine in 1995 has an everlasting devastating effect for this label.


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