In 2019, Tasting Notes

Switzerland (Grassl) versus Austria (Zalto) on Red Burgundy

I opened an Aegerter Belissand 1er Cru Red Burgundy 2015 for this test.

This was a match that I could not jump to conclusion easily.

The bouquet on Grassl was not as good as the Zalto, as I smelled some earthy tones in the Grassl but not Zalto. However, strangely the Grassl was giving me a lot more forward and ripe tones on the palette, of which I couldn’t get from the Zalto glass, instead, I got a lot of skinny, dry and tannic mouth feel. Frankly, I feel that Grassl gave me more pleasure, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusion that Zalto wasn’t made for young burgundies as well. A bit of technical; the opening for Grassl is smaller than Zalto, and the bowl for Grassl was smaller too. The opening gave you the focus on the palette, the smaller the sharper you’ll get on the palette, as the palette sensory is focused on the center. So, the wider the opening, the more spread out you’ll get from the wine. I guess this may explain why Grassl gave me a better feel on the palette.


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