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Wine TypeGrassl Models
ZaltoRiedel Sommelier
White/Red wineLiberte$59 $79$159$88
White wineMineralite$59$79$115$88
Bordeaux wine1855$69$79$159$88
Burgundy wineCru$69$79$159




Terrior is important to recognize in wines. It adds structure to a wine defining its backbone between fruits, acidity, tannins and body!



Fabulous for White & Rose wines. Plus Champagne. The wine complexity shows well.

The wine becomes more pronounced on nose & palate, as if coming alive!


1855 $69

Highly recommend for Bordeaux reds. The bowl heightens the tasting to differentiate each vintage, as complete descriptors appear in the wine, as it should rightly be!


CRU $69

The Cru gives any wine ‘the real picture’. Bringing out delicate aromas on nose and fruit flavours.
A great glass especially for Premier and Grand Cru wines.

Big Credibility

World Famous Wine Producers Use Grassl Wine Glass

Domaine Roulot Burgundy
In France, Jean Marc Roulot becomes the first winemaker to order personalised Grassl “Liberté” for his tasting room, citing how Grassl is precise on the nose that uniquely stands out from other glass!

Chateau Palmer, Bordeaux
Ferdinand Mahler Besse use Grassl for tasting and exclaims whenever he tastes using Liberte, he feels like he is tasting right at the chateau!

There are many other famous producers such as Pauline Vauthier from Chateau Ausone, Lodovico Antinori from Tenuta Di Biserno Tuscany, Raphael Maye from Simon Maye et Files Valais only want Grassl during wine tasting events, press events and even privately. That show how precise Grassl wine glass is in bringing out the best in quality.


 Yes You Hear It!

Grassl Wine Glass is World Class Wine Producer Must Have!

Bok, wine connoisseur and owner of Fine Wines SG further put Grassl into real test!

Grassl 1855 vs Zalto Bordeaux Glass (For Old/Aged Wine) Match!

Grassl 1855 

I opened a bottle of l’Eglise Clinet 1975 to test both Grassl and Zalto Bordeaux series glasses. My experience of using these two glasses was like watching a live soccer match, each scoring their deadly goal! First half, the nose on Grassl was tight and focused, Zalto aroma was much more spreadout, palette wise, there was also significant differences, Zalto could not taste the tannins of the wines, so the entry was smoother, whereas Grassl wasn’t as forgiving as Zalto, revealing huge amount of tannins in the body of the wine.

First half winner goes to Zalto 0 to 1.

The mid game second half was more of a midfield game, more passing around than attack and defense. The wine has finally opened up to be much more approachable after an hour or so, Grassl bouquet was stunning while the palette was more forgiving, whereas Zalto has maintained status quo, almost no change to it’s strategy. Second half it was Grassl winning, 1-1, a tie.

Extra time, it was all about who gives me the most pleasure; after a few subconscious sips (I don’t want to pay too much attention to the content pleasure, let it come naturally), I simply ended up holding the Grassl glass more, as it gives me the gentleness of the ripe fruit on the palette, the wine was more airy and approachable, whereas Zalto was still giving me slightly grippy tire feeling (tannins in play here).

Grassl wine glass is a heavenly match for aged Bordeaux wines

(wines with 15 years of age or beyond)! 

I concluded that Grassl is more suitable for aged Bordeaux wines (wines with 15 years of age or beyond), whereas Zalto was more suitable for the young Bordeaux wines, and for touch and go pleasure rather than having a long haul drinking session. I have to declare Grassl a better made glass than Zalto. 2-1.


Grassl 1855 vs Zalto Bordeaux Glass (For Young Wine) Match!

Grassl 1855 

As I made a bold statement that Zalto Bordeaux glasses were perhaps a better fit for younger Bordeaux, tonight I made another experiment. With a bottle of Chateau La Grangere 2016 fully decanted for 3+ hours.

However, I wanted to see it straight from the bottle, so I poured some liquid into both glasses.The nose for Grassl was more pronounced and focused, with loads of blueberries and graphite plus tar, whereas for Zalto, it was with quite a dispersed nose and I only get a blend of graphite and tar. Palette wise, Zalto seemed to be thicker and creamier, while Grassl content was tight. This cycle keeps recurring throughout the whole night till I finished the whole bottle. Thus, my conclusion is that, if you don’t mind missing out some bouquet, Zalto Bordeaux glasses is more suitable for young Bordeaux wines.


Grassl Cru vs Zalto Burgundy Match!

Grassl Cru

I used a young Verget Vaillon Chablis 1er Cru 2017 for this test, along with Grassl Cru glass and Zalto Burgundy glass. This was clear cut, Grassl bouquet was sharper, more focused, while Zalto was more dispersed.

Content wise, I do get more focused taste, with a lot of precision of acidity from Grassl glass, while Zalto glass warmed up quite quickly, and white burgundies didn’t really enjoy the tropical heat, thus the acidity and tension was definitely not as precise as drinking it from the Grassl glasses.


Grassl Cru vs Zalto Burgundy Match 2!

Grassl Cru

I opened an Aegerter Belissand 1er Cru Red Burgundy 2015 for this test. This was a match that I could not jump to conclusion easily.

The bouquet on Grassl was not as good as the Zalto, as I smelled some earthy tones in the Grassl but not Zalto. However, strangely the Grassl was giving me a lot more forward and ripe tones on the palette, of which I couldn’t get from the Zalto glass, instead, I got a lot of skinny, dry and tannic mouth feel. Frankly, I feel that Grassl gave me more pleasure, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusion that Zalto wasn’t made for young burgundies as well. A bit of technical; the opening for Grassl is smaller than Zalto, and the bowl for Grassl was smaller too. The opening gave you the focus on the palette, the smaller the sharper you’ll get on the palette, as the palette sensory is focused on the center. The wider the opening, the more spread out you’ll get from the wine. I guess this may explain why Grassl gave me a better feel on the palette.


Grassl Cru vs Zalto Burgundy Match 3!

Grassl Cru

Size does matter! I wanted to compare Grassl versus Zalto again on today’s bottle of white burgundy Bouchard Meursault Perrieres 2007.

Just after a few sips, I started to realize some problem with the wines; I consistently find the Grassl tasted much better than Zalto!

I was stunned as it was not immediately obvious to me that Grassl can perform so significantly better than Zalto, so I sat down and think hard. After a few more sips, I realized the tension and acidity was much more intact with the Grassl glass, something just striked me immediately: it was the size of the glass and our Singapore weather!

As I was drink this white burgundy poured from a chilled ice bucket in my dry kitchen, I normally don’t switch on the air conditioning when I was having a casual meal, thus the content in Zalto glass warmed up very quickly, while the Grassl glass remained cool, thus the difference in derived pleasure. If you look at the glasses physically, the body of the Zalto glass is much more bigger than Grassl, thus the content warmed up very quickly in our tropical weather. As such, I really don’t recommend using Zalto glasses in our warm weather.

Grassl is much more suitable!

Proven to be the BEST All Rounded Wine Glass!


Superb Performance from Grassl!

More tasting with vertical vintages of Ramonet (Master of Montrachet) white wines, again…

Results was astonishing!

Each wine was more pronounced, the bouquet on the nose was much more, and easy to detect. On the palate the wine was lively and fresh. An absolute joy to experiment how the wine changed from glass to glass!


If you don’t believe

Come and take the challenge, and you will be amazed with the results!

Drinking is Believing!

Bring your best glasses along, be it Zalto, Sophienweld or Riedel Sommelier series….or use ours and we guarantee you will want to smash your glasses in front of Grassl after trying them out! And we will provide the bin to do so!


Swiss Design, Mouth Blown Balance, Light and Durable! 

Grassl is hand crafted from lead-free crystal. It takes 5 artisans to create one mouth blown glass!

We decided to put Grassl to a test beside Riedel and Sophienwald. We poured the same amount of wine in each glass. Champagne, white and red, from light to full body. Guess what?

Grassl glasses changed my perspective towards stemware completely! Suddenly there’s “more” of everything in the wine, both the bouquet and palate. Suddenly all the wines that I’m drinking give me a huge leap forward in terms of my senses, which translates into extreme pleasure.” – Bok

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