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 The Secret To Having The Best Wine Night 
Grassl Decanter is the Answer!
If great wine demands a great glass, the same theory should apply to your decanter too!
Grassl Decanter Maximize Your Drink from Start to End!
Never underestimate the power of a great decanter, the increased oxygen exposure to wine greatly improves the taste by softening astringent tannins and letting floral aromas out beautifully!
Hold on a Wine Soaked Second!
Did we hear you are happy with your Zalto or any decanter? Wait till you use Grassl Decanter to drink your wine in top performance! Grassl decanter is designed to help you savour every sip of your wine to peak enjoyment.
How Grassl Decanter
Beats All Other Decanters in the Market? 

We found the secrets from the maker personally.
Clearly, Grassl Decanter Wins in functionality!

Buying decanter is not about look
it will never help you improve your wine. 

Hand Made By Artisans!
Swiss Design, Mouth Blown Balance
Highly Durable! 

Some big surface decanters (such as below) weighs extremely heavy (including the wine easily 1.2 kg). You have to use 2 hands to pour the wines BUT Grassl only need 3 fingers as it’s only 880g with the wines! What’s more this big and clumsy surface decanter retail  S$235.95 in a home decor shop whereas our Grassl decanter sells only HALF the price and much more effective!
Grassl Perfect the Decanter Shape!
The natural curved shape make it much more resistant to impact. If you use straight lines decanter, the likelihood of breakage is higher! Also, the longer neck design assist you with the pour, especially with older wines with loads of sediments at the bottom, you must hold it with a steady hand to pour the wine so that you don’t spill the sediments into the wine glass. Surely you can’t do this with clumsy decanter with large surface and heavy weight! You will never have this problem with Grassl decanter. 
Intelligent Design for 750ml bottle!

In this picture, Grassl illustrate a 750ml pour and the wine goes to the widest part, effectively opening up wines by exposing it to the air, helping your wine to perform at its peak.

Plus, if you are planning a big wine event, you can hold 10 decanters on a big table since the diameter of the decanter is only 15cm! 

Great Ease of Use!
The decanter design is compact. It is made for older wine bottles to separate sediments while you still have surface for young wines to open up slowly. No obstruction on the table (only 23cm in height!) very easy to pour while sitting down and continue your intimate time with friends. Designed so user friendly that you can hold it whatever way you want and still feel comfortable!
Lightweight Yet Durable!
Weigh 130g, even lighter than most glasses and decanters in the market! Even if some other decanters weigh similar, Grassl don’t use low density material. Most decanter in the market use different material like what they use for their wine glasses because it is so much easier to shape – less skilled workers = less pay and less unit cost for manufacturers. Speaking of cutting corner, there are many non quality controlled decanters out there! The low density material will start to turn bad or deteriorate after some usage, incurred scratches, get really dirty. You won’t face this problem with Grassl!
Perfect for White and Champagne too!
The decanter fit in most ice buckets and able to use it for white wine also. What’s more, it is able to decant champagne without losing bubbles, amazing! 
Made in Compliance with Highest Quality
Grassl decanter is made from crystal, some of the purest crystal on earth! The material Grassl use is known to be very brilliantly shiny and takes exceptional master skill to achieve at this thickness level…
And Grassl MADE IT!

Only $120

Complete Your Decanter
With Our Beautiful Grassl Handmade Glasses

Upgrade Your Wine Glasses & Decanter For 2020!

Wine TypeGrassl Models
White/Red wineLiberte$59
White wineMineralite$59
Bordeaux wine1855$69
Burgundy wineCru$69

Proudly Made in Switzerland using the finest materials.
You won’t find forgettable, mass-produced glasses here.

One of the lightest lead free glass in the market!
89 grams or less.
That’s almost HALF the weight of the competition

Alexander Mackh
The creator of Grassl wine glass and decanter and collector
of over 10,000 bottles of wine
developed the secret to perfect your wine!


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