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Revealing 1998 Top Rated Wine!
La Mission Haut Brion 1998

Such a Rare Wine 2 Decades Back is
Running Low in Stocks Everywhere!
SUPERB Price of $650!
Limited Bottles!

1998 was a great vintage in Graves!
La Mission Haut Brion 98 fits the bill perfectly. This full bodied wine shows superb purity with sweet tannin and marvelously long finish! Loads of berries flavors, astonishing chocolate and truffles and cedar that hits endlessly! I am so fascinated; the nose is deep with intense aromas of licorice and tobacco!What differentiate La Mission Haut Brion 1998 from others is this astounding wine exhibit Bordeaux style that is increasingly hard to find today.

Not difficult to see this wine is really classic in style with amazing power and depth. Muscular, tight and agile, rich and at the same time so fresh and sexy!

First Come First Served!
As at writing, local wine merchant selling this wine is few and extremely limited! If you check around, the only other wine merchant sell the Same Wine for More! It’s also easy to realize at Fine Wines we sell many great old vintage bottles that other merchants don’t have access to, even some UK merchants don’t have such wide range like us!
The Producer Said
“1998 is our Best Ever Together!”
You can be assured 1998 is undisputedly among the top best of La Mission Haut Brion, even the producer Delmas said he made this wine with his father Jean who was a legend for 3 decades in Bordeaux! “We made 2 truly great wines together, 1998 and 2000,” said Jean Philippe. “1998 is our best ever together!”
Grab Now or Never!
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Best Price and Best Wines!
Best of 1998 Bordeaux Red!
Vintage Wine Format Quantity Price Tasting Score
1998 Cheval Blanc 750ml 3 $1150 5/5!
1998 Lafite Rothschild 750ml 2 $1380 5/5!
1998 La Mission Haut Brion 750ml 11 $650 5/5!
1998 La Fleur De Bouard 750ml 2 $160 N.A
1998 Mouton Rothschild 750ml 20 $915 5/5!
1998 Mouton Rothschild 1.5L 1 $1900 5/5!
1998 Pavie 750ml 9 $520 N.A
1998 Petrus 750ml 1 $5450 N.A
1998 Soutard 750ml 4 $160 4/5
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