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J. Jayer Vosne Romanee 1er Cru Les Rouges 1988
9.5 stars
7 Aug 2020

Served double blind, and I could not even figure out this was from red burgundy, as the bouquet was odd without the obvious burgundy bouquet, although on hindsight the spice was a giveaway of a red burgundy. When my friend told me it was red burgundy, from the spice, I was able to zoom into Vosne-Romanee. I do enjoy the content a lot, very balanced, with a mixed character of masculine and feminine, very enjoyable. 1988 was a decent vintage but most red burgundies I have drank from 1988 had this unresolved tannins, but this bottle doesn’t have the harsh tannins found in most 1988 burgundies, instead, it was so well integrated and drinkable that I feel more like an 85. Buy up if you can find this maker who is unknown to me, although I’m sure it wouldn’t have any relationship to the famed Henri Jayer who produced the famed Cros Parantoux.


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