In 2020, Tasting Notes
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Jean Chartron Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru Clos de Chevalier Monopole 2016
9.25 stars
4 Oct 2020

I normally never had an impressive Chevalier Montrachat from Jean Chartron, and I find that the product was a bit “fake”, as most of the time it doesn’t possess the feminine character of Chevalier Montrachet, not to mention the obvious evolution of most Chevalier Montrachet style. I do like the 2016 vintage a lot, but this bottle from 2016 still did not meet my expectation. Bouquet of faint lemon and lemon custard. Palatte was impressive with the depth and complexity, as it’s firmly gripping multi-layers of flavor. However, due to the severe lack of Chevalier Montrachet characters, I would at best place this wine at a super premium cru rather than a grand cru.

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