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Jean Dauvissat Chablis Heritage 2018
9.25 stars
28 Feb 2021

We brought in this great producer based upon some samples they sent over a couple of months ago. We tasted 4 bottles of their samples along with a ringer from Chablis. The result was stunning, the well-known Chablis ringer turned out to be ranking last in every aspect, it’s a total shame and pity for this ringer. My favorite of the 4 samples? This Heritage, although they sent me the 2016 vintage. It did not escape my fussy palate, turned out to be the highest ranking of the tasting, and my vote for wine of the flight. While I tried to acquire some 2016 vintages, it was all sold out, so we have no choice but to purchase the 2018 vintage, and last night’s tasting with their “Claire” label, it confirmed to me this “Heritage” is definitely one of the best village level Chablis one can purchase in Singapore. These wines are produced from Jean Dauvissat’s oldest vines, planted between 1950 and 1960, thus a sip and one will be persuaded it has so much flavor, almost endless description for it. The flavor starts at the front palate, with lively, sharp and focus acidity, and a sweetness from the girl-next-door feel, I’m totally sold on the first sip already. The complexity is amazing although the finishing is a bit short. More importantly, I’m more than happy to field this bottle against any village level Chablis, and I’m extremely confident that this will pitch well against any strong player out there.


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