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Jean Dauvissat Fourchaume Premier Cru Chablis 2019
9.5 stars
11 Mar 2022

I previously not a big fan of Jean Dauvissat Fourchaume 2018(Previous tasting of Jean Dauvissat Fourchaume 1er Cru Chablis 2018), although the score ranking maybe the same, I felt that it was not as great as Montmains. Tonight’s tasting has revolutionized my opinion about Jean Dauvissat Fourchaume, as it’s probably Jean Dauvissat’s best plot after I have drunk most of their premier cru range (namely, Montmains, Vaillons, Cotes de Lechet), my previous all-time favorite was their Montmains. One simple way to identify their best – Fourchaume has waxed capsule, and all others do not! I share with you what’s great about Fourchaume, it’s all in the details, a pre-requisite, one must have a good palate to identify it, if you have been drinking casually, chances of identifying this great plot will be very difficult, suggest you have another premier cru wine next to it. I’d describe this Fourchaume as really feminine, really soft and gentle on the palate, but it doesn’t stop there. 2019 is a great vintage, and Fourchaume expresses itself through greatly precise acidity and a very demure and shy wine, it’s never overpowering, all other wines can overpower it easily, just like a man can easily overpower a woman, but that’s not the point of drinking fine French wines, it’s all about finesse and elegance in French wines, otherwise, go look for New World wines that gives you satisfying overpowering elements. Lastly, I add that Fourchaume actually have a great penetrating length! It really lingers in the palatte for quite a long while.

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