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Jean Louis Chave, Hermitage, 1985
9.75 stars
29 Jan 2020

I vividly remembered the various bottles of killer JL Chave Hermitage 1978 I drank a couple of years ago, it was almost an end game for me (Rayas 1978 was an end game for me). Last night JL Chave threw another killer punch onto me, and I would boldly say this was probably my second best Chave I’ve ever had after the 78! Wet leaves with a hint of tobacco greeted my sniffing warmly. Slightly dusty and dirty body to boot, it has a unique earthy tone. Body was as elegant as a great burgundy, slightly more hardy than the fragile Pinot Noir counterparts, it’s really feminine and elegance to the max. I suspect this 1985 vintage will rival the 1978 vintage in a decade’s time!


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